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Programmable logic controller

Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a control system using electronic operations. Its easy storing procedures, handy extending principles, functions of sequential/position control, timed counting and input/output control are widely applied to the field of industrial automation control.

Product Outline

DVP-EH3 Series
Advanced High Performance PLC
DVP-EH2 Series
High Performance PLC
DVP-PM Series
Pulse-train Motion Controller
DVP-ES2/EX2 Series
2nd Generation Standard Type PLC/2nd Generation Analog I/O PLC
DVP-SV2 Series
Advanced High Performance Slim PLC
DVP-SV Series
High Performance Slim PLC
DVP-SE Series
Network Type Advanced Slim PLC
DVP-EC3 Series
Basic Type PLC
DVP-SX2 Series
2nd Generation Analog I/O Slim PLC
DVP-SA2 Series
2nd Generation Advanced Slim PLC
DVP-SS2 Series
2nd Generation Standard Slim PLC
DVP-ES Series
Standard Type PLC
DVP-SX Series
Standard Type PLC
DVP-SA Series
Advanced Slim PLC
DVP-SS Series
Standard Slim PLC
DVP-EX Series
Analog I/O PLC